How To Harness The Domino Effect Of Habits

Domino EffectHabits definitely have a domino effect. Most noticeably bad habits. How is it that one bad habit leads to another? In my case it has been lack of exercise. Lack of exercise leads to lack of energy. Lack of energy leads to snacking. Snacking leads to lethargy, which leads to excuses not to exercise.  Before you know where you are, two months have passed. Two months of a sedentary lifestyle and plenty of snacking. Continue reading

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Book Review: The Go To Expert

The Go To ExpertThe Go To Expert is an excellent business book.  If you want to be known as an expert, this book is for you. It works well for people who sell their time for a living, but it can work for anyone who wants to be known as an expert.

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Would You Be Better Off On Flat Rate VAT?

Flat Rate VATThe Flat Rate VAT Scheme was designed to make life easier for small businesses. It’s great for businesses that have few expenses. It’s absolutely perfect for contractors who charge a day rate and only have travel expenses as costs.

Is your VAT taxable turnover less than £150,000? You may benefit by calculating your VAT payments as a percentage of your total VAT-inclusive turnover under the Flat Rate VAT Scheme. Continue reading

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Beat The Taxman – How To Make Simple Tax Savings

Beat The Taxman - Small Business Tax SavingsLegal, ethical tax savings – how difficult can that be for small businesses?

Comedian Jimmy Carr was mocked over it, Radio DJ Chris Moyles also failed spectacularly at it, Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Vodafone have all had a stab at it. So what chance have small business owners got to make legal, simple tax savings? Here’s our 3 step guide. Continue reading

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VAT Invoice: A Handy Guide To Help You Get It Right

VAT invoiceIf you are VAT registered, whenever you supply goods or services to someone else who is VAT registered you must give them a VAT invoice.

Below is a handy list of everything you need to include so that you can get it right first time. Continue reading

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Small Business VAT Guide

Small Business VAT GuideIf your annual sales are below the UK VAT threshold (currently £79,000) you do not need to register for VAT. However, you may want to register voluntarily if:

- your sales are mainly to VAT registered businesses and you want to claim back VAT on your costs Continue reading

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A Simple Tip To Help You Get More Things Done

Get more things doneWouldn’t it be great if there was a simple tip that could help you get more things done. The good news is – there is.

The key to this simple tip and to effective time management in general is not to try and pack even more things into a single day.  The key to is to get the right things done. Continue reading

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Watch Out! Employment Allowance Is Not For Nannies

Employment AllowanceA generous new Employment Allowance has been introduced by the Government. It is available from 4th April 2014.

If you are an eligible employer, you can reduce your employer Class 1 NICs by up to £2,000 each tax year. Continue reading

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Small Business Tax Facts 2014

Tax Facts 2014Tax is has a habit of being confusing, especially when you get to the end of one tax year and move into a new one.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. If you are a small business owner, you need just 7 vital tax facts for 2014. Continue reading

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Book Review: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookJab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is a must read for any business that wants to promote itself online. Gary Vaynerchuk gets it. And as this is the 3rd book in a hugely series, you can also be sure that he translates what he knows into a highly readable book. Continue reading

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