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New Rules On Travel And Subsistence

What Are The New Rules on Travel and Subsistence? The new rules on travel and subsistence claims are designed to bring individuals working under contracts into line with the rules on travel and subsistence for employees.

New Dividend Taxation – How Much More Will You Pay?

For the owner manager of a small company, the bombshell news from the last budget is the new dividend taxation. The changes are summarised in an HMRC document, which can be accessed here. To summarise, the changes are:

Autumn Statement 2015 Predictions

The scene is set for this Wednesday 25th November, the date of the Autumn Statement 2015. In the wings lies the fall-out from the House of Lords’ refusal to approve the Government’s proposed change to tax credits. A littering of £4.4bn of planned tax revenues is hidden out of sight but unfortunately not out of[…] Read more »

Book Review: Executive Presence by Sarah Brummitt

Executive Presence: Demonstrating Leadership in Times of Change and Uncertainty is for anyone who dreams big. For ambitious and clever people who can see where they want to go, and who are smart enough to realize that there are changes they need to make to get from where they are now to where they want to[…] Read more »

Why You Must Do Your Self Assessment Return Now

Do your Self Assessment Return now? The fact is that in January 2015, 42% (around 4.3 million) of HMRC customers filed their returns. This means there is a more than 50% chance you have not filed your Self Assessment Return yet, and you may not even be thinking about it. And in a recent article for[…] Read more »

AccountingWEB Practice Excellence Conference 2015

You may wonder what accountants get up to at an AccountingWEB Practice Excellence Conference. You would be right to wonder.

Your Local Accountant Claire Georghiades Is UK Top Rated

Everyone loves to support local success stories so we’re proud to let you know that Claire Georghiades from Teddington has been named as UK Top Rated! She qualified as Top Rated as a result of all the glowing reviews written by her clients on, the leading review site for professionals.

How To Adopt A Winning Attitude To Business

By the fact that you are reading this, I know that you already have a winning attitude to business. You are already a winner. How do I know that? Because you are reading this to learn and improve so that you will do better in business tomorrow than you did today. And by being in[…] Read more »

Small Business Tax Facts 2015

Tax is has a habit of being confusing, especially when you get to the end of one tax year and move into a new one. Don’t worry, help is at hand. If you are a small business owner, you need just 7 vital tax facts for 2015/16. Note that the changes take effect on 6th[…] Read more »

HMRC Celebrates Biggest Digital Self Assessment Ever

HMRC celebrated the biggest digital self assessment ever this year, with a record 85.5% of Self Assessment returns being sent online, a total of 10.24 million by midnight on 31 January 2015. This equates to 8.75 million digital self assessment returns, beating last years total of 8.48 million.