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Archive for August, 2013

Watch Full Movie Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Duration 129 mins Genre Family, Fantasy, Romance. In Cinemas March 16, 2017 Language English. Country United Kingdom, United States of America. Plot For Beauty and the Beast Movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released in March 16, 2017 in genre Family. Bill Condon was directed this movie and starring by[…] Read more »

Book Review: Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake

I absolutely love ‘Three Simple Steps’ by Trevor Blake. In fact it is my new favourite business book. An addictive read, this book can actually change your life!

For Outsourcing To Work We Need To Learn How To Share

For outsourcing to work in the information age we need to learn how to share. Sounds easy. But are you ready to shift your mindset and move out of your comfort zone?

Pre-flight Checklist for Small Business Owners

We were really excited to see this fabulous infographic which is a pre-flight checklist for small businesses, produced by Freeagent. Like all small business owners we need some time-off sometimes. We are certain that down-time helps improve productivity in the long term. Our offices will be closed from 21st August and re-open on 29th August.

Social Media: Can Big Brands Learn From Small Businesses?

Can big brands learn from small businesses about using social media? Here are 7 things that small businesses have got right:

Is Social Media Policy The Gateway To Social Media Success?

Fear of the unknown still dominates social media policy in many businesses. They worry about staff productivity, measuring the impact of social media and reputational damage.

What Motor Expenses Can You Claim If You're Self Employed?

Did you know you can claim a mileage allowance for bicycles? Here is our guide to working out what motor expenses you can claim if you’re self employed.

5 Key Ingredients For Business Website Success

Most small and startup businesses rely to some extent on their business website for sales. Even if you are not an online business, you would be naïve not to realise that your business website underpins your credibility. It’s your customer’s window into your world. Authenticity is paramount. There are five key ways you can establish[…] Read more »

5 Reasons Entering Business Awards Is Good For Business

Winning a business award or just being a finalist is a perfect excuse to promote your business. But when it comes to business awards it’s not just winning that counts. Here are our 5 reasons why we firmly believe small businesses should enter business awards.

What Home Expenses Can You Claim If You’re Self Employed?

Some home expenses may be allowable for business.  It can be confusing to work out what is allowable as it depends on the individual circumstances in each case.