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Archive for April, 2014

How To Harness The Domino Effect Of Habits

Habits definitely have a domino effect. Most noticeably bad habits. How is it that one bad habit leads to another? In my case it has been lack of exercise. Lack of exercise leads to lack of energy. Lack of energy leads to snacking. Snacking leads to lethargy, which leads to excuses not to exercise.  Before[…] Read more »

Book Review: The Go To Expert

The Go To Expert is an excellent business book.  If you want to be known as an expert, this book is for you. It works well for people who sell their time for a living, but it can work for anyone who wants to be known as an expert.

Would You Be Better Off On Flat Rate VAT?

The Flat Rate VAT Scheme was designed to make life easier for small businesses. It’s great for businesses that have few expenses. It’s absolutely perfect for contractors who charge a day rate and only have travel expenses as costs. Is your VAT taxable turnover less than £150,000? You may benefit by calculating your VAT payments[…] Read more »