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Is Business Blogging Dead?

Business bloggingBusiness blogging is dead, long live the business blog. By this I mean that business blogging is alive and kicking. But it is a changed beast from days of old. Business blogging has grown up, become more useful, and more precise than its predecessor.

This blog was inspired by meeting some food bloggers in person. I was lucky enough to meet Ella Mills who owns and runs and David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, the power couple behind This is because I was fortunate enough to be invited by an amazing friend to a supper hosted by Deliciously Ella. The fantastic food (and smoothies) were combined with a book event for the new Green Kitchen Stories smoothie book.

So I was expecting to come away feeling inspired about healthy eating but not about blogging. In fact I went away inspired about both. I felt pretty humbled at the evening to be writing an accountancy blog. Despite this, I managed to get a great answer to my question, “Where do you find your inspiration to keep going?” What was the answer? You will have to keep reading to find out.

In the meantime, with food bloggers renowned for their success on social media platforms such as Instagram, is the business blog dead? The answer is no.

Business Blogging Is Still Good For Your Business

Business bloggingBack in 2013, we wrote a blog based on our own experience, explaining that business blogging can convert web traffic into measurable sales. This is the single most powerful reason we find time in spare minutes in cafes, on trains or late in the evening to keep writing. If you think you haven’t got time to blog, or you don’t think you need to blog, re-visit our 7 good reasons why you should get blogging. Here is the link: Marketing Strategies Small Business Blogging

Building Your Content House On Rented Land

A lot has been written about the fact that you own your blog. However much content your put on social media, however many followers and likes, it is still not yours. It is an important means of getting your message across. But don’t forget, you are just renting the space. All the Google value that you are creating is going to the owners of the site.

Social Media Works Most Effectively When You Have A Blog

At the supper, I was sitting next to another inspirational food blogger, Olivia from bali.zest on Instagram. Olivia and her co-creator, Flora don’t have their own blog yet. But you can be sure that if they become financially successful on Instagram, they will set up their own website. Why? Because social media works best to share and support information from your blog. Since 2015 it has been acknowledged to drive more web traffic than SEO. It is also a valuable way of gaining feedback on your blog. You have the freedom to create richer content, which in turn can enhance your social media presence. A win-win for your business blog and for your social media ratings.

How To Make The Most Of Business Blogging

In the old days this blog would end right here, with the answer to the question, “Where do you find your inspiration to keep going?” And the answer was, “Look, and you will see.” Simple!

But business blogging has changed. Audiences expect blogs to be helpful. So with this in mind, here are your top 20 tips for making the most of your business blogging.

  1. Write something helpful.
  2. Write something related to whatever you sell.
  3. Include 1 or 2 links (but no more) to whatever you sell.
  4. Don’t try to sell anything in your blog.
  5. Have a blog schedule to help consistent blogging. Don’t worry if you don’t stick to it. Writing a schedule will help you focus on the long term of your blog. I’ll tell you a secret I found out at the supper. Those inspirational food bloggers don’t stick to their blog schedules either.
  6. Use quality photographs.
  7. Quality photographs are key for succcessful business bloggingUse 3-4 photographs in each blog.
  8. To be really successful you need to commission or take your own photographs. You may see the need for this if you are a food blogger. Food photography has become an art form in itself. But professional, high quality photographs that fit in with your business objectives are imperative for all business bloggers.
  9. Be over-the-top fussy with both the blog (grammar and spelling) and also the photographs.
  10. Use Yoast or a similar tool to keep your blog SEO friendly.
  11. Write regularly (this helps the quality of your writing).
  12. If you don’t write, consider video instead. High quality vlogging is the new blogging.
  13. Put quality over quantity, even if this means you don’t manage to post every week.
  14. Allow access to subscribe to your newsletter on your blog. This doesn’t have to be a pop-up! Save your best stuff for the newsletter.
  15. Create a link to your blog so you can track number of visitors.
  16. Post a summary of your blog on Facebook with the link.
  17. Put the photographs on Instagram to give people a flavour of what you are up to.
  18. Post the blog on LinkedIn.
  19. Buffer tweets with a link to your blog at least 4 times a day for 2-3 days. Post these around other tweets that will help your target audience.
  20. Use feedback from social media and also blog comments to improve next time round!

Business bloggingSo there you have it. Business blogging is not dead. Long live the business blog! Take a cup of coffee (or a healthy smoothie) and start brain-storming about what want to tell people. And if you are an entrepreneur who is succeeding in making a living out of blogging, whether it is food blogging, lifestyle blogging, or whatever it is, then you need an accountant who really understands you. Contact us for more information about how we can help you!

Good luck with your business blogging.




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