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Archive for the ‘Marketing Strategies’ Category

Why Business Networking Is Good For You

Just the thought of business networking is enough to make many business owners run a mile. So here are 10 reasons why it might actually be good for you.

Stock Up On Stock Photographs

Stock photographs are everywhere, used by everyone, on every platform for every purpose. Why not? A picture speaks a 1,000 words after all. Stock photographs are used and abused. It’s accessible, affordable and two-a-penny media, so it is understandable that most businesses will use some at some point. At best you could be using the same image used[…] Read more »

7 Tips On Creating A Steady Stream Of High Quality Content

High quality content is the midas touch for websites. Everyone wants high quality content. They want to read it, watch it, see it and own it. So what is it? And how do you keep producing it over and over again? First let’s remind ourselves how times have changed.

Small Business Guide To Setting And Achieving Your Sales Targets

As a small business owner, your ability to set and achieve your sales targets will determine whether you will be tomorrow’s big business owner. So here is your simple 5 step guide to setting and achieving your sales targets. We know it works because we increased our own sales 6x between 2012 and 2013. Who[…] Read more »

The Facts Behind Google Authorship [Infographic]

Google Authorship is a hot topic at the moment. Google have recently changed their algorithm to Hummingbird, which changes the focus from keywords to a more “conversational search.” Experts have no doubt that as a result of this change there will also be more emphasis on Google+ compared to other social media channels.

15 Benefits Of Your Small Business Website

Small business websites are a big investment. Whether you are still to take the plunge, or you already have a website here are 15 benefits you can expect.

20 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Hasn't Worked

Social media campaigns are still looked down on in 2013. Not for people who use social media. Of course not. Everyone who is successfully generating business using social media is already a convert. The problem arises when you mention social media in conversation with people who don’t use it. 

Marketing Strategies: Twitter Drives Sales

Twitter drives sales for small and medium sized businesses. A recent survey for Twitter carried out by Market Probe International, found that 72 percent of people are more likely to buy from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) if they follow you on Twitter.

Social Media: Can Big Brands Learn From Small Businesses?

Can big brands learn from small businesses about using social media? Here are 7 things that small businesses have got right:

Is Social Media Policy The Gateway To Social Media Success?

Fear of the unknown still dominates social media policy in many businesses. They worry about staff productivity, measuring the impact of social media and reputational damage.