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Archive for the ‘VAT’ Category

Would You Be Better Off On Flat Rate VAT?

The Flat Rate VAT Scheme was designed to make life easier for small businesses. It’s great for businesses that have few expenses. It’s absolutely perfect for contractors who charge a day rate and only have travel expenses as costs. Is your VAT taxable turnover less than £150,000? You may benefit by calculating your VAT payments[…] Read more »

VAT Invoice: A Handy Guide To Help You Get It Right

If you are VAT registered, whenever you supply goods or services to someone else who is VAT registered you must give them a VAT invoice. Below is a handy list of everything you need to include so that you can get it right first time.

Small Business VAT Guide

If your annual sales are below the UK VAT threshold (currently £82,000) you do not need to register for VAT. However, you may want to register voluntarily if: – your sales are mainly to VAT registered businesses and you want to claim back VAT on your costs