Book Review: Get Up To Speed With Online Marketing 2nd Edition

Get up to speedWhen I reviewed the first edition “Get Up To Speed With Online Marketing” by Jon Reed, and wrote “An invaluable book for small business,” I didn’t realise what a huge impact it would have on our own business. And guess what, with this new edition, the book just got better. As the first edition, it manages to be a really good read AND is packed full of relevant and up to date information.

If you only read one book on online marketing, I implore you to make sure that it is this one. If you implement the strategies and tips you pick up, you will have a winning recipe for success. I know this for a fact because I have done just that and it has worked for us. And we are a firm of accountants, which is not an easy business to market online. We started our business from scratch in January 2012, and now have nearly 20K twitter followers, a successful blog, and a Richmond Business Award for Best Website in 2013. Not only that, well over 50% of our customers find us online, most of whom are local. And all of that achieved on a very small budget, largely with the help of this book. So I am certain that if the possibilities explained in this book can work for us, they can work for any business.

Before I read the book, I was an absolute beginner, using Facebook for fun and occasionally logging in to LinkedIn.  And plenty of the terms relating to online marketing and social media in this book were completely new to me. At the time, I half believed that social media was a modern time waster.

Jon Reed turned this all on its head his simple philosophy. Set objectives, use online marketing tools and measure the results! It sounds simple, but there are so many examples of businesses that have not succeeded as much as they hoped at online marketing, it is clear it is not easy. Luckily Jon Reed gets you started, generously sharing his huge bank of knowledge and taking you on an exciting journey with easy to follow exercises.  His enthusiasm is infectious, and he simply ‘gets it’, understanding not only the whole maze of social media, but also what the reader needs to know to be able to use it and exactly the best way to explain it all.

Read this book, refer to it, sign up for the 5 day online marketing plan, but most important of all, implement what you read. I would thoroughly recommend “Get Up To Speed.” A must read for anyone who wants to get up to speed with online marketing!

By  FCA, Co-Founder of Accounts Resource.

Accounts Resource is a pro-active accountancy practice based in South West London. Accounts Resource are specialists in providing Accounting and Tax solutions to small and startup businesses and won The Best New Startup Award at the Richmond Business Awards 2012 and Best Website at the Richmond Business Awards 2013.

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