Why Exhibiting Is A Good Idea For Startups

The Great British Business ShowA brand new business exhibiting at The Business Show! What a crazy idea! Don’t you need to get established first?  Have a heap of testimonials shouting about your fantastic service? Last December when I signed the contract to exhibit at the show we had no bank account, no clients. We had a company number and a VAT number, but then we are accountants after all!

I knew for a long time I wanted to start my own business.  I have been working as an accountant in small businesses for years.  What I realised is that in a small or startup businesses it’s impossible to find the level of service you need at a price you can afford.  And no startup or expanding business can afford to pay for a service or advice which is less than perfect. So you end up paying too much.

We only want to work with business owners in small and startup businesses. We are a first class accounting solution. Our monthly packages are affordable.  Over 30 years of experience between us as Chartered Accountants. How would we communicate that as exhibitors?

Exhibiting as a startup business gives you a goal. You have to be a success. From Day 1 you have to up your game.  Failure is not an option.  Being second rate is not an option. You cannot let people down.  You need first rate products.  You need a social media campaign. You need a website. Once you have signed on the dotted line, you cannot afford for it not to work.

Right from the beginning I wanted to do things differently.  I thought ‘If I was a visitor to the show, why would I want to talk to an accountant?’ The answer came back loud and clear. I wouldn’t! Maybe because I AM an accountant!

Time is precious.  When you give up a day to go to a show, you need information and promotions that are valuable to you as a business owner.  And save you time and hassle.  Even in our modern hi-tech world there is still something appealing about a buzzing atmosphere.  People looking to find out what is happening. And just one thing that you really wanted can make your whole day worthwhile.

And so the idea was born! We have got together with Jo James Media and if you come to Stand #1041 you can have your professional headshot photograph taken for FREE! The jpeg will be yours to keep for your website and all your social media accounts. This promotion is worth AT LEAST £65 and at the show it will cost you absolutely NOTHING!

So remember to be suited and booted. And bring your business cards. We are offering 10 minute business advice clinics if you want to talk about accounts. Put yourself in the picture! And you will see it is success! And maybe next time it could be you exhibiting! What do you think of this post? Has it inspired you to exhibit at a show in future?

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